AutoDeal Steers PHL Automotive E-Commerce Forward with 13th Insights Report

The automotive industry is going through a lot of big changes because of things like connectivity, electric cars, and digital customer service. When people buy a car, they want a personalized and multi-channel experience. This is true not only for eCommerce but also when they buy a car.

AutoDeal says that it is a big part of modernizing the customer experience for people who buy cars in the Philippines. Since 2014, AutoDeal has given buyers the ability to compare cars, find special deals, and complete many parts of the car-buying process online. Every month, the AutoDeal website lets people get the best deal on new cars by comparing prices from different dealers. They can do this by going to the website. These trained and vetted sales agents work for official partner dealers and can help buyers quickly buy and sell things. Daniel Scott, CEO and Co-Founder of AutoDeal, says: “As automotive retail moves more and more online, AutoDeal is getting more customers every day, which means more sales for our partners every year.” People bought more than P28 billion worth of goods from AutoDeal’s partners in 2021, and they did so from 24,835 people.

AutoDeal also helps report consumer trends, insights, and feedback directly to people in the automotive industry. This is a way to help raise the bar for digital commerce. Christopher Franks, the co-founder of AutoDeal, says that the platform makes it easier for people to get access to a lot of information, which means more money in their pockets. This is how AutoDeal helps the auto industry change: “These detailed insights into how people shop for cars make AutoDeal an important part of the process of helping the industry grow.”

Every year, AutoDeal’s Industry Insights Report shares the data it has gathered through the AutoDeal platform with the rest of the world.

The report was released in 2016 and looked at the state of the automotive industry. It used data and analysis from experts to back up AutoDeal’s claim that new technology was needed in the customer journey to make it better. In the years before the report, AutoDeal had noticed that a lot of customers were unhappy because simple things like dealers not responding to online questions or not having access to important purchase information until customers went into a showroom. In the years that followed, AutoDeal started using technology that helped dealerships respond faster, be more transparent, and sell more cars. In 2016, the report was a way for brands to compare their online commerce metrics to those of other businesses in their field. This report was made in 2016. Today, AutoDeal’s Insights Report is one of the most useful, useful, reliable, and easily accessible sources of information on the automotive market because it also looks into things and situations that could change the way the industry works.

There has been a pandemic in this country. As the country comes to terms with the effects, AutoDeal is happy to say that it has just released AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021 Insights. In this 13th issue, AutoDeal looks at performance metrics that are linked to the recovery of the Philippine auto industry. The report also has important information for brands that sell cars online. It gives a full rundown of consumer data that was collected through the AutoDeal and MotoDeal platforms in 2021. Some of the most interesting findings in the report were about leads by market segment; leads by location; leads by device; inquiring and buying trends; and the brands that were most asked about. Visit or and download AutoDeal Insights (Vol. XIII) 2021 Complete Insights, and you’ll find out how the local car and motorcycle market did in 2021. You’ll also learn about metrics that are improving, which can help you see where the industry is going.

As of today, AutoDeal is more powerful than it has been in the past. At the moment, it is working with 16 different car brands, which includes more than 400 new-car dealerships and more than 2000 sales agents. In addition, the website gets about 2.7 million visitors a month, generates about 25,000 leads a month, and helps make more than 2000 industry sales a month. These numbers show why AutoDeal is the largest automotive network in the Philippines and the best place to buy and sell cars and trucks online in the Philippines.

To find out more about AutoDeal, the top online car market in the Philippines, visit their website at and follow them on social media:

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