How to Keep your Motorcycle Safe according to Honda

Since the pandemic started and lockdowns were implemented, our bikes became even more valuable since these serve as the perfect vehicle amid today’s “new normal.” Consequently, however, because of its size, it is a vehicle that is easy to steal. 

Despite a drop in crime rates due to the pandemic, riders can never be too complacent, especially when guidelines become more relaxed. Since bikes represent an important investment for its owners, Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), shares some simple tips on how owners can better protect their investment.

Five tips to keep your bikes safe

Use Motorcycle Locks. There are several locking systems available for your motorcycle. Some are more likely to deter thieves, such as handlebar, throttle, U-locks, or disc locks, while others, such as chain and padlock combinations may be more effective in preventing the more determined thief from making off with your bike.

Equip your ride with Anti-theft Alarms. There is no shortage of technology to keep your bike protected. Motorcycles can be equipped with such alarm systems to immediately warn people of any attempt at theft. One thing is for sure, you will always have options on the equipment available out there to keep your motorcycle safe.

Get a Motorcycle Cover. One of the best reasons you own a motorcycle is because you like to ride in style and show off to other motorists. However, this same factor can be the same reason it gets stolen or vandalized. Putting a cover on it when parked can help it keep off other people’s sights and not give it too much attention.

Know Where to park it. Where your motorcycle is parked can be a factor in keeping it safe. Leaving it in the wide-open will make it more susceptible to damages and other forms of harm. Ensure that the area you are traveling to has indoor parking, which helps put attention away from it, or if you do not have a choice but to park outside, make sure that they are is well-lit and crowded enough to put adequate attention on it for thieves and vandals to leave it alone.

Be Vigilant. You may not have control over outside elements like theft and vandalism. However, you do have control over protecting your motorcycle. Survey your surroundings properly for any suspicious behavior and ensure that every component intended for the safety of your bike is functioning correctly. Remember that prevention is better than cure, and your vigilance and attentiveness will help keep your motorcycle safe. 

Honda Smart Key technology

HPI understands how crucial a motorcycle’s role can be in its owner’s lives and, having it severely damaged can be disheartening, especially during these times of uncertainty due to the pandemic. The company continues to innovate motorcycle features to improve their motorcycles’ security and help protect the assets of riders.

Keeping Motorcycle Safe

For instance, the company developed a smart key with an answer back system and anti-theft alarm feature for The New CLICK150iThe All-New AirBlade150The New PCX150, and The New ADV150 to help riders locate their motorcycles with ease and have added protection from grand theft auto.

HPI has dedicated its services to create a wide array of motorcycles for every Filipino. This is in line with the company’s “ONE DREAM” campaign, which aims to fulfill their dream through the joy of mobility provided by motorcycles.

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