The New TMX125 Alpha

Motorcycles have never been more common and in-demand than ever before, in the modern normal of today. It helped Filipinos travel alone and steer clear of the hazards of the pandemic, with quarantine protocols still enforced nationwide.

Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020
Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020

However, since the pandemic jeopardized the health and safety of citizens, it was often difficult to get to work, putting their livelihoods at stake. Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), the nation’s No.1 motorcycle manufacturer, is responding to the ever-changing needs of riders as it unveils the new TMX125 Alpha.

The New TMX125 Alpha, known for its durability and reliability, is fitted for comfort with both kick and electric starts. It has a manageable scale of 1,904 mm (L) x 754 mm (W) x 1,026 mm (H) with a relatively low 760 mm seat, making it very open for all Filipino riders.

Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020
Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020

The latest TMX125 Alpha is powered by the iconic Overhead Valve (OHV) engine, making it distinctive from other motorcycles. For hours of quick and hassle-free operations, this OHV engine uses a push rod to balance acceleration and power while being fuel-efficient at a steady speed of 62.5km/L at 45Km/H. And the rear sprocket is enhanced from 44T to 38T to satisfy the customers’ demand for the best combination of engine strength and acceleration, making it ideal for everyday commuting use.

Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020
Honda TMX 125 Alpha 2020

This ride will also be found by riders as one of the most powerful commuting bikes in the country as it helps them to travel alone, ensuring safe trips to work, home, or anywhere they need to be. It comes with excellent color variations, such as red and black Candy Ruby. The new premium paint, Matte Armored Silver Metallic, was also introduced by HPI, allowing riders to show off on the track.

“Honda has always been committed to ensuring that Filipinos’ everyday needs are met through our motorcycles. With the new normal changing industries and lives, we want to help riders have the upper hand in facing these challenges to continue providing for their families, guaranteeing that with The New TMX125 AlphaAngat Ka!” said HPI President Susumu Mitsuishi.  

Honda TMX 125 Alpha Price


The suggested retail price of The New TMX125 Alpha is kept at P51,400 to maintain its appeal to new riders and it is available at all Honda dealerships along with its Honda genuine spare parts.


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