SERES intelligent luxury electric vehicle (EVs) launches in the PH

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Get ready for a remarkable revolution in the Philippine automotive scene as a prestigious brand steps in to redefine luxury and smart driving. Brace yourself for an exciting transformation brought about by the collaboration between SERES AUTO and QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. Together, they are set to unveil the extraordinary SERES intelligent luxury electric vehicles (EVs) that seamlessly blend innovation, sustainability, and unmatched driving pleasures.

SERES: A Legacy of Excellence and Innovation

SERES AUTO, founded in 1986, has always been a leader in the automotive industry, with a particular focus on new energy vehicles (NEVs). With a team of more than 20,000 employees and a position among China’s top 500 companies, SERES has earned a reputation for its cutting-edge e-powertrain technologies, which include battery systems, electric drives, and electric controls.

At the heart of SERES AUTO’s philosophy is a dedication to putting the user first and embracing change. This commitment is evident in their innovative approaches to vehicle manufacturing and user experience. They strive to create a connected automotive ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders, fostering a seamless and enjoyable driving experience for everyone involved.

Revolutionizing the Philippine Automotive Market with the SERES AUTO and QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. Partnership

The new partnership between SERES AUTO and QSJ Motors Phils., Inc. marks a major achievement in the Philippine automotive industry.

Through the merging of SERES’ expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing and QSJ Motors’ extensive distribution channels, a range of innovative smart electric vehicles is now available in the Philippines. This strategic alliance is focused on promoting sustainable transportation choices and supporting the country’s environmental goals.

SERES’ latest technology highlight: MF Platform

The MF platform revolutionizes luxury driving with its cutting-edge safety features. Boasting the industry’s most comprehensive safety system, it covers over 150 safety scenarios and incorporates more than 200 safety features, setting a new standard in safety technology.

Moreover, the MF platform offers a wide range of power options, making it the only platform compatible with range extender, pure electric, and hybrid power forms in the industry. This versatility gives users the freedom to choose the power source that best suits their needs.

In addition, the MF platform provides exceptional customization and scalability across various vehicle models and types, from sedans to SUVs, ensuring that consumer needs are efficiently met. Whether it’s a B-class or D-class vehicle, the MF platform delivers luxurious and comfortable configurations tailored to individual preferences.

As the cornerstone of SERES’ ‘Intelligence redefining luxury’ vision, the MF platform brings industry-leading intelligence to all SERES models. With complete SOA, over 1,300 API interfaces, and integration capabilities for more than 5,000 applications, it offers a personalized user experience like no other. Combined with powerful OTA upgrade capabilities, the MF platform ensures that SERES vehicles remain modern, functional, and truly user-friendly luxury cars.

SERES’ Cutting-edge Range Extender Technology

SERES’ innovative range extender technology is a game-changer for their electric vehicles. By adding an extra generator to charge the battery when needed, this technology significantly boosts the driving range. It offers the best of both worlds – electric power for city driving and the option of traditional fuel for longer journeys. With this technology, drivers can enjoy longer trips without worrying about running out of battery. This perfect combination of extended range and electric efficiency makes SERES’ vehicles ideal for urban commuting and long-distance travel in the Philippines.

Driving the Future of Intelligent Mobility

SERES’ vehicle roster is not just redefining luxury; it’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with intelligent driving. SERES is introducing a future where intelligent, eco-friendly vehicles are accessible to Filipino drivers. As SERES continues to lead the automotive energy transformation, the future of driving in the Philippines looks brighter, greener, and more exciting than ever.

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