SysNet – ParkNCharge showcased at the 10th PH Electric Vehicle Summit

Joel Sapul, President and CEO of SysNet told Tech Patrol that they are excited to roll out their version of “Piso WiFi” for electric bikes. Users can go to any sari-sari store and charge their bikes for a small amount of money, ala “Piso WiFi”.

ParkNcharge (PNC) is a way for electric vehicle (EV) owners and communities that believe in the same idea of sustainable power, being good for the environment, and saving money to power the future of personal transportation. These three basic ideas are what made ParkNcharge, a shared and managed EV charging station for Multi-Dwelling places, possible.

To help these communities grow, power sources or charging stations need to be put in place at potential sites.

ParkNcharge offers a full range of services for EV charging stations, including planning, registration, site selection, equipment supply, installation, commissioning, operation, making money, and maintenance. This makes the building process easier, which saves time and money for people who own buildings and want to follow EVIDA. To make it even easier, PNC offers cloud-based operation so that stakeholders and users of the system can manage their own charging stations on their own. With real-time reports about money flows, power usage, EVSE health, and user transactions, PNC cloud lets you see how everything works from beginning to end. All of these things can be done at any prospect site by setting aside one parking spot, planning where the power tap will be, and then getting in touch with ParkNcharge.
ParkNcharge will look at the site and do everything else until the system is ready to be used. ParkNcharge was made with multiple tenants in mind, which makes it easy for any building manager to run a private or public charging station. For the user, we made a mobile-friendly web portal that makes it easy to map, Waze, reserve, top up, see your record history, and get help.

The payment system is handled by our Telco-grade prepaid billing, which works with mobile pairing and RFID to make sure that only authorized people can use all ParkNcharge charging stations. You can add money to your account with cash or through your phone. Notifications of charging status and alerts are built into SMS to make sure you know what’s going on with your phone even if it doesn’t have a data signal.

ParkNcharge is the only EVSE cloud system that takes care of the whole life cycle of a user’s charging experience, from creating an account to billing, managing charging, and topping up. Building owners and partners will find it easy to run and maintain ParkNcharge EVSE in any building they own and run, whether it’s a vertical or horizontal development. ParkNcharge can be set up almost anywhere as long as there is an internet connection and a power source. ParkNCharge is building the EV community for now and for the future.

SysNet is one of the exhibitors at the recently concluded 10th PH Electric Vehicle Summit held at the SMX Conventions Center in MOA, Pasay City.

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